What is My Inner Circle Mentorship Program?

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In creating my Inner Circle, my goal is to provide you with a ton of value for very little money. For a fraction of the price of attending a single seminar, you get exclusive presentations of my latest content AND an entire archive of my best presentations. Plus, you can access the content from anywhere and anytime!

I’ve been talking about how much I think online learning is going to change our fields.  I believe that short bursts of information that are updated frequently is the best way to learn and apply the new material IMMEDIATELY!  Plus you get to tap into my mind of what I am currently thinking today.  The info that I am presenting is going to be exactly what I am thinking and working on at the moment.  You can’t get any fresher than this!  Journal articles take months to publish.  Books take years to publish.  My Inner Circle content is as current as can be.

  • Premium content for Inner Circle members ONLY
  • Exclusive presentations of my newest content - what I am doing and thinking TODAY!
  • Members only private Facebook group to interact and ask me questions
  • Members-only forum to ask me questions and discuss with other Inner Circle Members
  • Live Facebook chat Q&A sessions
  • Access to ALL the past webinar archives
  • Downloads of my publications and other resources
  • EXCLUSIVE members only contests and discounts on products, both mine and many of his friends!
  • Immediately apply what you learn with small educational sessions
  • Learn from home from anywhere in the world
  • 24/7 access to content from any device including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and more

Premium Content for Inner Circle Members Only

There will be no changes to the current amount of information that you can find at MikeReinold.com.  I will still be posting my usual amount of content for all viewers.  As you browse my site in the future, you may see premium content for Inner Circle members only.  This will be even more great quality educational content.

In addition to the presentations, from time to time I will have other exclusive Inner Circle members content such as interviews, articles, and downloadable copies of my journal publications, and exclusive discounts on other education programs from myself and friends.

I also make myself available to Inner Circle members in our private members only Facebook group.  Ask questions, share new articles for discussion, get advice on specific cases, and more!

Inner Circle members will also be notified when I am conducting live Facebook chat Q&A sessions so you can jump on and ask a question or join the discussion.



Monthly Content

Each month I will release new content.  Some will be recored presentations of inservices I am conducting at Champion, it's like you're part of our staff!  Others will be live webinars.  I will announce a time and date to conduct a live webinar where you can log in from anywhere in the world and watch.  

I’ll be discussing a variety of topics in this format ranging from new thoughts and techniques that I am trying to elaborating on some of the content posted on my site in the past.  Each session will have a live Q&A session where you can interact and ask questions on whatever topic you would like.  I will try to vary the days and times of the webinar to reach a wide variety of people in different locations as best I can.


Access to All the Past Presentation Archives

Can’t make the live webinar?  No problem!  All webinars will be recorded and posted online for your to watch at your convenience.  Inner Circle members will also get access to all the past archived webinars, regardless of when you joined the program.  Videos will be watchable from any internet connected computer or device, including iPads and iPhones.

Please note, these webinars are exclusive to MikeReinold.com Inner Circle members and can not be found anywhere else, including RehabWebinars.com.

Here are just some of the webinars you’ll have immediate access to:

  • Designing Functional Rehabilitation Programs
  • My System for Integrated Manual Therapy
  • Internal Impingement – What It Is and How to Diagnose
  • Enhancing the Balance Between Upper and Lower Trapezius
  • Influence of Pelvic Position on Lower Extremity Stretching
  • Preventing Little League Pitching Injuries – Really, all youth pitching, not just Little League age.
  • Shoulder Impingement – Keys to assessment, treating, and training around impingement
  • 3 Ways to Gain Shoulder Internal Rotation (Without stretching in IR or mobilizing the posterior capsule!)
  • Using Science and Evidence to Enhance Exercise
  • Top 5 Tweaks to Enhance Hip Exercises
  • How to Integrate Kettlebells into Shoulder Rehabilitation
  • How to Stay Current with Evidence
  • And many more!



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What Are People Saying About Mike Reinold's Inner Circle?

  • “The inner circle seminars feel like a one on one mentorship session with Mike himself!”
    Jesse Awenus MSc.PT, Toronto, Canada
  • “Mike is the missing link keeping me informed and cutting edge”
    Troy McColman D.C. Alberta, Canada
  • “The best value in continuing education out there!”
    Maria Mountain, RevolutionConditioning.com
  • “Becoming an Inner Circle Member has enabled me to continue to grow as a clinician.”
    J. Scott Colombo, PT, DPT,CSCS,PES, Pittsburg, PA

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More Great Feedback from Inner Circle Members:

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your enlightening webinar on Scapular Dyskinesis.  It was interesting the day I got your email that you had posted it I set up an appointment with an Air Force veteran with scapular dysfunction from carrying a weapon on her tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I hurried and watched the webinar, frantically taking notes before she came in and hit it out of the park!!  She has seen 4 PT's before me and said that I had nailed down the problem in one visit with a more thorough evaluation than she had ever had.  I really benefited from how you look at the scapula and learned so much!  Thanks again for taking the time to do what you do to benefit our profession.  I really value my Inner Circle membership!!!"  - Nate Hunsaker, PT, MSPT, Cert. MDT, CSMT

"Mike Reinold's Inner Circle is an awesome resource to discuss and learn clinically relevant techniques and treatment suggestions for the musculoskeletal conditions that we treat everyday at a cost that is a fraction of what it should be! As a physical therapist with nearly 30 years in the profession, the Inner Circle is a must have resource for ANY CLINICIAN interested in learning cutting edge, clinically effective treatment strategies based on current evidence. Thank you Mike!"  - Jackie Shakar DPT MS OCS LAT, West Boylston, MA

"Recently, I joined the Inner Circle Program. From the start, I was thoroughly impressed with the topics that were presented. All of the information presented was in-depth, interesting, and thought provoking. The membership is only $5, but is worth exponentially more than that. For someone who is busy with work, family, and llife, the Inner Circle Program allows me to be able to stay up-to-date on current information that is in the rehab and strength and conditioning fields. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge base."  - Andrew Millett MSPT, CSCS, Boston, MA

“I have been a member of the Inner Circle the moment it started and it has helped me not only get updated in my field as a Physical Therapist but improve myself as a clinician using all the updated knowledge that Mike provides. I love the webinars! Thank you!”  - Mark Jamantoc, PT, Seattle, WA

“As a UK Physiotherapist information like this is priceless. The latest news, research and reviews with video content is great to log on in my iPad at my clinic. A superb learning environment by Mike and his team.  Thank You!”  - LB, London, England

“I have used several products of Mike’s. Currently I am using Inner Circle.  As a busy chiropractor Mike is the missing link on keeping informed and cutting edge.  His material is concise and accurate… The “Cliff Notes” which I need to be informed and make critical clinical decisions.”  - Troy McColman D.C., Alberta, Canada

“The Inner Circle program is an excellent and inexpensive means to gain very useful clinical knowledge and techniques. It is nice to have a continual resource for new information that you can use anytime from your computer at work or at home.”  - Steve Conway, PT, OCS, MTC, Crystal Lake, IL

“The information that Mike Reinold teaches is solid and valuable. He teaches in ways that can be directly applied to working with clients with muscle imbalances. I find the information incredibly useful and it helps me build on what I already know and use taking me one step further in my knowledge of how the body works and moves.” - Lori B. Havas, ACSM HFS, Eugene, OR

“Being a recent PTA graduate, I have learned so much from Mike’s Inner Circle. It has been a very valuable resource for me.”  - Rebecca LeSaffre, LPTA, CPT, PES, Melrose, MA

“Every time I get a chance to learn something from Mike I know I am going to leave a better provider. His presentations and programs are not only top notch, but also well ground and very able to put to use!”  - Ed Strapp MA, ATC, NRWEMT-P, Baltimore, MD

“I love being in the Inner Circle, getting cutting edge information, and bringing the tools and information to help my clients recover faster!”  - Cindy Doody, LMT, Cohasset, MA

“It is invaluable to learn from a leader in the field how he uses the latest evidence to influence his practice. The informal setting setting of online based layering is a great way to keep you skills aligned with cutting edge physical therapy.” - Spencer Shugart MPT CSCS, Rome, GA

“Becoming an Inner Circle Member has enabled me to continue to grow as a clinician gaining insight on the latest researched and clinical effective treatments. This membership is unique in its cost and information that one colleague can help provide the other. I highly recommend it.”  - J Scott Colombo , PT, DPT,CSCS,PES, Pittsburg, PA

“As an older Therapist with 36 years of experience, I am always learning updated info from the Inner circle information & Webinars. An easy way to spend valuable money & and precious time. Thanks for all you do Mike. Your passion & joy in your work is greatly appreciated.”  - Brenda-Jane Garlick, Minneapolis, MN

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